Better Process Control Schools

A training program for the processed food industry

To prepare industry practitioners and help companies meet federal regulations, the course is beneficial to personnel in plants that pack and thermally process low-acid foods and acidified foods in hermetically sealed containers. The BPCS subject areas include thermal processing system operations, microbiological food safety, equipment operations, and acidification and container closure evaluation programs for low acid and acidified canned foods.

Mars Global Food Safety center collaborates with GMA SEF to deliver the training, using GMA SEF publication, Canned Foods: Principles of Thermal Process Control, Acidification, and Container

Closure Evaluation (8th Edition) is the only FDA approved text in the instruction of Better Process Control. It is currently available in English, Spanish and Chinese at BPCS is comprised of several modules, each supplemented by a chapter from the Canned Foods manual.

2-day BPCS — Chapters 1,2, 4–8(Federally mandated minimum)

3-day BPCS — Acidified (Federally mandated minimum + Chapter 3)

4-day BPCS — All modules in the Canned Foods manual

When customizing a workshop for a client, Mars Global Food Safety center will recommend modules based on the client’s products, processing methods, and packaging system.

 At the completion of course work and examination, participants are awarded a certificate of completion, providing an additional respected credential to processing professionals.