Mycotoxin Risk Management

The primary focus of this research program is to strengthen effective mycotoxin management strategies. Mycotoxin research areas include the development of methods for detection and surveillance, prevention, mitigation, and destruction. Research on mycotoxin detection and surveillance is focused on improving testing methods to ensure result reliability as well as developing predictive models to highlight high risk crops and growing regions. Mycotoxin prevention research is focused on identifying and understanding risk factors for mycotoxin formation in grains, nuts and cocoa. Controlling these factors will significantly lower the risk of mycotoxin contamination. Results from these studies will have far-reaching impact on good agriculture practice. The strategy for mycotoxin mitigation is to develop novel biophysical, physical, and chemical methods to remove mycotoxins from raw materials. Mycotoxin destruction research centers on the application of advanced physical and chemical methods to denature and detoxify mycotoxins in food matrices.