Evaluation of real-time nanopore sequencing for Salmonella serotype prediction

First Author:Feng Xu

Co-Authors:Chongtao Ge,Hao Luo,Shaoting Li,Martin Wiedmann,Xiangyu Deng,Guangtao Zhang,Abigail Stevenson,Robert C.Baker,SilinTang

Food authentication from shotgun sequencing reads with an application on high protein powders

First Author:Niina Haiminen

Co-Authors:Stefan Edlund, David Chambliss, Mark Kunitomi, Bart C. Weimer, Balasubramanian Ganesan, Robert Baker, Peter Markwell, Matthew Davis, B. Carol Huang, Nguyet Kong, Robert J. Prill, Carl H. Marlowe, Sophie Pierre, Geraud Dubois, James H. Kaufman,

Assessment and comparison of molecular subtyping and characterization methods for Salmonella

First Author:Silin Tang

Co-Authors:Renato H. Silin Tang, Renato H Orsi, Hao Luo, Chongtao Ge, Guangtao Zhang, Robert C. Baker, Abigail Stevenson, Martin Wiedman

Pet Food Factory Isolates of Salmonella Serotypes Do Not Demonstrate Enhanced Biofilm Formation Compared to Serotype-Matched Clinical and Veterinary Isolates

First Author:Amreen Bashir

Co-Authors: Ansar Azeem, Yvonne Stedman, Anthony C. Hilton

The Use of Next Generation Sequencing for Improving Food Safety: Translation into practice

First Author:Balamurugan Jagadeesan

Co-Authors:Peter Gerner-Smidt, Marc W. Allard, Sébastien Leuillet, Anett Winkler, Yinghua Xiao, Samuel Chaffron, Jos Van Der Vossen, Silin Tang, Mitsuru Katase, Peter McClure, Bon Kimura, Lay Ching Chai, John Chapman, Kathie Grant

Quantitative assessment of human and pet exposure to Salmonella associated with dry pet foods

First Author:Elisabetta Lambertini

Co-Authors:Robert Buchanan, Clare Narrod, Randall Ford, Robert Baker, Abani Pradhan

Evaluation of rapid molecular detection assays for Salmonella in challenging food matrices at low inoculation levels and using difficult-to-detect strains

First Author:Gina Ryan

Co-Authors:Sherry Roof, Laurie Post, Martin Wiedmann

Transmission of bacterial zoonotic pathogens between pets and humans: the role of pet food

First Author:Elisabetta Lambertini

Co-Authors:Robert Buchanan, Clare Narrod, Abani Pradhan

Assessment criteria and approaches for rapid detection methods to be used in the food industry

First Author:Martin Wiedmann

Co-Authors:Siyun Wang, Laurie Post, Kendra Nightingale