Use of microsatellite markers to assess the competitive ability of nontoxigenic Aspergillus flavus strains in studies on biocontrol of aflatoxins in maize in Thailand

First Author:N. Tran-Dinh

Co-Authors: John Pitt , Peter Markwell

Estimating the burden of market loss due to aflatoxins in maize: methods and estimates for Thailand

First Author:Godfrey Lubulwa

Co-Authors:Prisnar Siriacha, Peter Markwell, John Pitt

Studies on the biocontrol of aflatoxin in maize in Thailand

First Author:John Pitt

Co-Authors:Chakrit Manthong, Prisnar Siriacha, Sukum Chotechaunmanirat, Peter Markwell

Framework for managing mycotoxin risks in the food industry

First Author:Bob Baker

Co-Authors:Randall Ford, Mary Helander, Janusz Marecki, Ramesh Natarajan, Bonnie Ray

Selection of nontoxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus for biocontrol of aflatoxin in maize in Thailand

First Author:Nai Tran-Dinh

Co-Authors:John Pitt, Peter Markwell