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Mars Incorporated acquired the "Health Leadership Award" of the sixth "Awards for Outstanding in Food Safety & Public Health"

Beijing, China (Jul. 3, 2017) - Mars Incorporated acquired the "Health Leadership Award" of the sixth "China Award for Outstanding in Food Safety& Public Health ". On June 30, Robert Baker, head of Mars Global Food Safety Center, Dr. Ren Jing, chief microorganism research scientist of the Center, and Dr. Peng Hong, senior scientist of analysis and research of the Center, attended the award-giving ceremony and received the honors on behalf of Mars. This is the first time for Mars to become a winner of the Awards for Outstanding in Food Safety & Public Health. It reflects the high degree of recognition and acclaim from the industry and public regarding Mars's commitment to industrial chain safety and food safety education.

As one of the most authoritative awards in the food safety sector, "Awards for Outstanding in Food Safety & Public Health" is jointly initiated by China Business News (CBN) and Ecolab Inc with an aim to promote all-around exchanges and cooperation in food safety and health. After application, submission of written materials and field visit by the evaluation panel members, Mars finally stood out among all competitors relying on its forward-looking concepts in food safety science and its outstanding performance of corporate social responsibilities.

"As a member of the Mars engaged in food safety, I am very proud that Mars can acquire this supreme honor in food safety in China". According to Robert Baker, "although we are a manufacturer and distributor of end-user foods, we are committed to the healthy development of the front end of supply chain from the very beginning and take aggressive measures to promote food safety education. We use the 'Five Mars Principles' as the guide to actively create win-win partnerships. As we believe it, Mars can have sustainable development only when all stakeholders are winners".

On the day of award-giving, the China Food Health Seven-star Convention Alliance also held the annual theme forum titled "Seven-star Brainstorming: Stories behind Food Safety". In the forum, Dr. Ren Jing shared her case experiences under the subject of "Mars Science Protects Safety of Food Industrial Chain". She emphasized food safety as a global issue and urged the industry to have more international, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation and jointly respond to global food safety challenges through data capture, scientific research and knowledge sharing. This is the purpose and significance of Mars' establishing the first non-competition research and training organ in the industry.

Other than establishing the Mars Global Food Safety Center to promote the forward-looking research and exchange on food safety, Mars has also signed a strategic partnership agreement with Alibaba to support e-Commerce food safety monitoring. In the field of child food safety education, Mars Food Safety Center has participated in the development of the hands-on learning box "Fun Box" for transmission of correct food safety knowledge; Mars' senior leadership also expressed their opinions in the UN Climatic Change conference and China Development Forum, proposed on establishing a modern agricultural system, controlling the front end of the food supply chain by scientific methods and responding to the challenges of food safety in climatic changes and environment pollutions.