Transforming Food Safety through Data Integration

This program area focuses on the application of statistical and bioinformatics tools and approaches to assess large data sets for food safety indicators, trends or correlations. The expected outcome from this program area would be the development of food safety surveillance tools designed to provide real time assessments and alerts to highlight potential food safety risks before an actual incident occurs.


Pathogen Management

The goal of this program is to strengthen effective pathogen management and source tracking strategies. Research areas include pathogen surveillance, detection, control and mitigation.


Raw Material Integrity

The primary focus of this program area is to research and develop strategies, tools and business processes to identify vulnerable raw material value streams, fingerprinting technologies and prevention frameworks to aid in food fraud prevention. 


Applied and Operational Food Safety Management

The intent of this program area is to better understand how to best obtain and transfer knowledge from previous food safety incidents. This will be used to design research to build more robust food safety validation and management programs. 

Mycotoxin Management

The primary focus of this research program is to strengthen effective mycotoxin management strategies. Mycotoxin research areas include the development of methods for detection and surveillance, prevention, mitigation, and destruction.