The GFSC Scientists Share Research Findings at the World Mycotoxin Forum, 2018

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by molds, that contaminate many staple food and cash crops, and when consumed can cause disease and may even cause death. How can science help to further the understanding of mycotoxins, thus helping to improve the safety of our food supply chain? This is one of the key areas under investigation at the Mars Global Food Safety Center (GFSC).

In March of this year scientists from the GFSC along with other world leading food and feed safety experts from academia, industry and regulatory groups came together to share progress and new ideas at the leading international conference series on mycotoxins- The World Mycotoxin Forum (WMF) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The GFSC team attended to meet with experts, capture the latest knowledge about this food safety grand challenge and to share research findings from three areas of the mycotoxin research underway within the laboratories at the GFSC: the influence of jute bag reuse on mycotoxin risk, the impact of mycotoxin binders on the detection and quantification of a particularly toxic mycotoxin called aflatoxin, and the denaturation of aflatoxin within in peanut kernel using ozone. The work investigating jute bags, led by Dr. Cui Wang, was also one of nine oral presentations from 155 submissions.


Cui’s research is the first systematic study assessing the effect of reusing jute bags on fungal population and aflatoxin contamination risk.

“Farmers and suppliers welcome good agricultural practices in order to improve the quality and yield of their crops. Through this work the GFSC aims to develop practical contamination prevention guidelines for use by farmers and suppliers. Through this work we will help to improve use guidance for jute bags, enhancing the storage/packaging practices for raw materials, contributing knowledge that will help to reduce mycotoxin risk worldwide”

Look out for more in the future from our collaborative mycotoxin research program that ultimately seeks to eradicate this food safety threat from food supply chains.

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