Mars Incorporated acquired the "Health Leadership Award" of the sixth "Awards for Outstanding in Food Safety & Public Health"

On June 30, 2017 Mars China received the ‘Health Leadership Award’ at the sixth China Award for Outstanding contribution in Food Safety& Public Health. This is the first time Mars China has received such an award reflecting our commitment to food safety and safety education.

This highly acclaimed award is jointly initiated by China Business News (CBN) and Ecolab Inc. with an aim to promote all-around exchanges and cooperation in food safety and health. 

In addition to establishing the Mars GFSC, a strategic partnership agreement was signed between Mars China and Alibaba to support e-Commerce food safety monitoring. In the field of child food safety education, the Mars GFSC also partnered with the China Children and Teenagers’ Foundation to develop the hands-on learning box "Fun Box" that aimed at sharing food safety knowledge with children. Mars leaders also shared their opinions at the UN Climatic Change conference and China Development Forum, aimed at helping to establish modern agricultural systems, improving front end of the food supply chain through scientific methods and responding to the challenges of food safety in relation to climate change and environment pollutions.